weDialogue Services


Event Production and Hosting/Facilitation

WeDialogue is passionate about creating online environments that encourage conversation, contribution, and engagement. Event production and hosting/facilitating services are at the core of our business, and our primary focus is understanding what is needed to address your unique requirements and deliver results that will surpass your expectations.


* Provision of technology & tech support (see Technology & Tech Support for more details)
* Design consultation with a focus on optimizing interaction and engagement in an online environment
* Experienced hosting/facilitation or co-hosting/facilitation
* Coordination of all details (e.g. timetable & scripts) as needed
* Video and audio recording in standard formats
* Integration of any audio and/or visual materials (slides, videos, etc.)
* Session Enhancements, e.g. Polls, In-session Document Distribution, etc.


Administration & Coordination
* Registration
* Participant Communications
* Financial Services for paid events

Digital Graphic Recording
Watching your participant’s ideas show up in real time on your event screen can make the experience even more engaging and memorable. The captured visuals can then be made into a professional published document synthesizing the results of your meeting to be shared with stakeholders and/or the public.

Other Harvesting Services
* Written Scribing / Notes
* Facilitated collection of insights and ideas held on your organization’s internal information system or an external platform designated for this purpose
* Poetic Capture

* Asynchronous Forum and/or Learning Platform for multi-session courses

Hybrid Events
Integrating online interaction with an on-site event to complement and extend your reach