weDialogue Services


Applications & Benefits

There are many benefits to working online, including the obvious advantage of being able to convene gatherings of any size with minimal financial investment and low environmental impact. Gather your audiences in the comfort of their own homes or region and say good-bye to air fares, hotel bills, and venue costs, along with excessive jet fuel consumption and extra days off work.

The benefits of working with weDialogue – beyond our extensive experience, rock-solid reliability, and the customized personal attention each and every client receives – are the interactive approach and inclusive attitude that make us unique. Our conversational focus draws on proven dialogic formats like the World Cafe, Open Space, and Circle. These practices, applied skillfully in an online medium, provide the opportunity for human-to-human connection that fosters creative and collaborative thinking, allowing new ideas, insights and questions to emerge and take root in groups of any size.

Whether your focus is corporate, organizational, promotional, community-based or governmental, your gathering will benefit from the generation of energy and enthusiasm, greater alignment around shared vision, and sense of empowerment resulting from the opportunity to be heard and contribute encouraged by our approach.


weDialogue can help you design effectively for all kinds of interactive online events, including visioning and planning meetings, seminars, conference sessions, courses and training, fundraising, promotional events, community-building, research and product development.