weDialogue Services


Consulting & Training


We offer consulting services for those occasions when you are not yet sure what you need and would like to explore your options. Or perhaps you know what you want, but need a little support to figure out how to achieve it.

Consulting may also be your best choice when you don’t need our full Event Production and Hosting services, but want to take advantage of our experience for support while hosting, or designing for the online environment.


weDialogue Training can take a variety of forms, ranging from personal one-on-one coaching or instruction, to producing full-scale training programs for your team, company, or organization.

For example, we can help you set up your own online interactive events and implement them “in-house”. Including setting up your technology accounts and training your team to use them, along with the basic skills of online hosting.

We can also create custom training programs to provide in-depth or context-specific training in online hosting and/or specific interactive processes.

See weDialogue Events for a schedule of our public courses.