Experience weDialogue for online engagements that connect people all over the world and stimulate conversation, communication, and learning.

Join us for one of our events & courses (see the list below), or make your online event all it can be by contacting us for hosting and/or consulting services.


  1. The Story Activist Intensive

    March 6 - March 27
  2. Journeying with Earth Medicine: Thirteen Moons of Ceremony

    March 26, 2017 - March 18, 2018
  3. Deep Dive: The Circle Way

    April 5 - April 26
  4. Visual Thinking Lab

    April 11 - May 23
  5. Story Activist Lab

    May 15 - June 19
  6. The Art of Invitation

    May 17 - May 31

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Online Site Design

weDialogue is part of a global web of digital communications that go beyond information technology into relationship technology.

weDialogue: Human-Centered Technology



weDialogue events are offered in collaboration with key partners:

World Cafe

Partnering with World Cafe to produce their online Learning Programs and Wiser Together inter-generational Caf├ęs. EXCLUSIVE PROVIDER of World Cafe Online Services

Beehive Productions

Collaborating with Beehive Productions partner Rowan Simonsen on courses & trainings that serve an international community of participatory practitioners.

Alan Briskin

Joining with author Alan Briskin to design and co-host a new six-session course based on Alan's extensive pioneering work within the field of Collective Wisdom.

Earth +Digital Wisdom

Dancing with Earth+ Digital Wisdom co-creator FireHawk Hulin for deep dives into Spirit with online ceremonies and courses on creativity and applied Earth Wisdom.




Mary Alice Arthur

Co-hosting programs with Story Activist Mary Alice Arthur to develop personal and collective capacity to craft new stories for today's challenges & opportunities.





Collaborative learning exchanges with the Grove's new ground-breaking membership community Global Learning Exchange Network.